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Wedding Toasts Made Easy! CoverNervous about having to make a wedding toast? Relax. Here’s the book Regis Philbin himself used to prepare for his own daughter’s wedding. And he liked it so much, he featured it on his show!

Wedding Toasts Made Easy! is often called “The Bible of Wedding Toasts” because of its wealth of trusted, comprehensive guidance on how to research, write, practice and perfect a wedding toast.

It also includes sample wedding speeches and easy-to-use templates for the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride and others who may be called upon to honor the new couple.

You’ll also enjoy a treasury of wedding-related quotes and humor, pointers on how to help plan the wedding reception to make it fun and exciting, proven methods to deal with stage fright plus a special bonus section for the Best Man on how to prepare for his unique role before, during and after The Big Day.

Illustrated with a series of hilarious cartoons by award-winning cartoonist Grahame Arnould, this easy-to-read book gives you everything you need to shine as a wedding speaker. Don’t raise your glass without it!


“I’ve seen far too many wedding receptions ruined by drunken,
long-winded toasts and inappropriate humor. Wedding Toasts
Made Easy!
is ‘must-read’ material for anyone asked to help plan,
speak at or emcee a wedding reception.”

-- Peter Merry, President, American Disc Jockey Association


Wedding Toasts Made Easy! author Tom Haibeck is a communications professional who has written speeches and provided speaker training for some of North America’s top business executives.

He is also an award-winning speaker and consummate toastmaster who has spoken at hundreds of special events, dinners and weddings over the past 25+ years.

His humorous, bestselling book tells you everything you need to know to do a first-class job in making your toast. Topics covered include:

    checkmark Expert advice on how to research, write, practice and perfect your wedding toast

    checkmark Easy-to-use templates to help you craft the perfect toast

    checkmark A review of various wedding toasts, with suggestions for the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride and others

    checkmark Suggested themes for a wedding toast (from “how they met” to “what I learned growing up with the groom”)

    checkmark Sample toasts to inspire and enlighten you about how to make a great wedding toast

    checkmark Tips on how to deal with your stage fright and nervousness

    checkmark Rehearsing your toast – boost your confidence with these proven strategies

    checkmark Suggestions on the use of humor – how to keep it clean but funny

    checkmark Hundreds of suggested wedding and marriage-related one-liners to add humor to your toast

    checkmark Famous quotations and words of wisdom about how to keep a marriage strong and happy 

    checkmark Power tips for delivering your toast with confidence and class

    checkmark Professional advice on how to use a microphone for best results

    checkmark A complete review of the Best Man’s duties before, during and after the wedding

    checkmark Wedding toast etiquette – Who should offer a toast? When should toasts be made? What is the proper order of toasts?

    checkmark Advice on how to plan the wedding reception to help ensure everyone has a great time

    Food fight cartoon

    The book is 96-pages in length, and contains a series of cleverly-penned cartoons by Grahame Arnould (one of North America's leading editorial cartoonists) to depict some of the worst things you can say or do at a wedding (starting a food fight, for example, will not endear you with the wedding couple).

    With over 75,000 copies now in print, Wedding Toasts Made Easy! was first published in 1990; re-printed in 1993, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 & 2006.

    ISBN Number: 0-9697051-4-X

    Library of Congress Control Number: 2005922668

    Wedding Toasts Made Easy! CoverPublisher:
    The Haibeck Communications Group Inc.
    851 Roche Point Drive
    North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7H 2W5

    Phone: (604) 671-5491

    Distributed in the United States by Midpoint Trade Books.
    Distributed in Canada by Sandhill Book Marketing.


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