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Praise for Wedding Toasts Made Easy!
from Media & Wedding Professionals


“This just happens to be a pretty good book!”

—Regis Philbin, Live with Regis & Kelly


“Author Tom Haibeck was flabbergasted when a friend called him to say that Regis Philbin was reading from his book – live, to a national television audience – and recommending it.”

—Simi Sara, Vancouver Breakfast Television


“It’s a great book covering one of the most difficult parts of a wedding. I highly recommend it to anyone faced with having to speak at a wedding reception.”

—Richard Markel, President,
Association for Wedding Professionals International


“I’m telling you – a lot of people are going to want to buy this book! What a great idea for the best man or anyone else in the wedding party that has to make a speech.”

—Marianne McClary, Good Day Sacramento


“If you have ever been invited to make a wedding toast or deliver a best man speech, you know the feeling. For some people, it can be sheer panic. But it doesn’t have to be that hard, thanks to Tom Haibeck, author of “Wedding Toasts Made Easy!”

—Lonnie Quinn, South Florida Today


“It covers everything you need to know about how to write and compose a compelling toast. As a matter of fact, I sent both my sons a copy when they were married and the book helped ensure that each of their weddings was a great success.”

—Linda Redmond, Associate Publisher
Wedding Bells Magazine


“Speaking in front of a large audience can lead to chest pains even in the hearty, but Haibeck says it need not. Preparation and planning produces a successful speech that Haibeck says is sometimes ‘a life-changing experience’ for the speechmaker.”

—Joanne Hatherly
Victoria Times Colonist


“I’ve seen far too many wedding receptions ruined by drunken, long-winded toasts and inappropriate humor. This book is ‘must-read’ material for anyone asked to help plan, speak at or emcee a wedding reception.”

—Peter Merry, President
American Disc Jockey Association


“This book is a work of art! I wish every person about to give a wedding speech would give it a very thorough read.”

—Airwave Dave
Emcee, DJ & Entertainer, San Antonio, Texas


“As a wedding planner, I can tell you that the quality and timing of the toasts at a wedding can make an enormous difference. I recommend ‘Wedding Toasts Made Easy!’ to all my clients.”

—Elaine Parker
Weddings with Elan, Nashville, Tennessee


“Thanks for doing such a great job and helping brides, grooms, best men and fathers everywhere!”

—Randy Bartlett
Premier Entertainment, Sacramento, California


“I have seen many great but also some very unprepared and embarrassing wedding toasts. This easy-to-read guide is perfect for anyone who is planning on taking responsibility for a smoothly organized and enjoyable reception.

—Lindsey Coleman
Venice Events, Venice, Italy




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