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Tom HaibeckTom Haibeck (High Beck) is the author of the bestselling book, “Wedding Toasts Made Easy!” and The Wedding MC: A Complete Guide to Success for the Master of Ceremonies.

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He is an award-winning public speaker and an accomplished toastmaster and emcee. In recent years, he has appeared on local, national and international radio and television talk-shows to talk about how to make a great wedding toast, and would welcome the opportunity to be a guest on your show or to do an interview for your publication.

A former radio and television broadcaster, Tom is warm, personable, funny and exceptionally articulate. He is also a consummate professional who understands the importance of returning phone calls promptly and being ready and reliable for media interviews.

“Later, as a radio broadcaster, he garnered a reputation among his friends for being quick-witted and that led to invitations to emcee and/or toast at friends’ weddings. Haibeck eventually built a catalogue of do’s and don’ts from speaking at hundreds of weddings and events. Indeed, even over the phone, he’s mellow, his elocution is perfect, all while being quick-witted without descending into the smarty-pants zone.”

–Joanne Hatherly, Victoria Times Colonist, September 29, 2006
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The subject matter – “how to make a wedding toast” – holds near universal appeal, as we have all been witness to “the wedding toast from hell” (and perhaps even a few good ones, as well). Tom can offer a wealth of tips and anecdotes about how to research, write, practice and perfect a wedding toast, based on his 25+ years experience in speaking at weddings and other events.

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